Life, The Universe and Pune

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Abbeeeee Dhakkan!!!!!

How dependant can we get on technology. All of Monday and half of Tuesday, we did not have the internet working in our office and not only me but a couple of others also felt stranded……for some of the work we do we are so dependent on the internet……to access databases for journal papers, to see vendor lists for material to be ordered, to check the datasheets of chemicals on the manufacturer’s website….and in my case …blogging too….

The only thing working was the internal mail….and I knew that the moment the internet would be up and running I would get a mail announcing the same…but impatient that I am….I kept checking every 30 minutes to see if I could access Yahoo Mail…..arre how desperate is that……I think we are way to dependant on the internet, electricity (especially inAmrika…remember the power outage??) and so on……..ok yeah so I did not reveal anything new….we all know this……..but I am saying this because I do find it extremely funny and a bit irritating (because of the dependency) when I stand in front of my house ka door and hold the remote for my car in my hand and press the unlock button expecting the door to beep and open….and then something inside me says, “ Abbbeee Dhakkan!!” and then I reach into my pocket for the keys….