Life, The Universe and Pune

Friday, October 17, 2003

Food…..we all have our likes and dislikes

I hate

Cauliflower to the extent that when its being fried in the house I lock myself up to escape the smell or then I leave the house and come back later…I remember mom would warn me advance that Chacha wants fried cauliflower so I better make plans……

Falooda ( that slimy thing which goes into it seems like worms and frog eggs to me)…I don’t mind the rose milk and the ice cream in it.

Sushi (I tried it a couple of times and the only reason I controlled the urge to puke was because I was at my advisors place and the other time I was in front of a very expensive microscope)

Mexican food- well I don’t really hate it actually but as long as it does not have beans in it I can eat it…..I like the rice and the cheesy stuff and the salsa etc….but please no beans….

I have somehow developed an aversion to chole, rajma etc. since I came to Amrika…since its quite easy to make it we would make it quite often initially and now chole and rajma to me are just like an overplayed song…

I don’t like Alu and Bhindi together…Alu needs to be a stand alone sabji…no alu and cabbage or alu and bhindi or for that matter alu and anything……expections being pav bhaji ka bhaji….and the masala dosa ka masala

and the list can continue but i shall stop here....:)