Life, The Universe and Pune

Monday, October 20, 2003

Excess of Sleep has the following effect
Well now I may have re-invented the wheel but what I reproduce be
low came to my mind last evening on my way back from a very relaxed weekend in Michigan with the best bud.

Baccha No. 1: Mere Baba jidhar kaam karte na voh company itni badi hain , ki tum usko parking lot mein kabhi bhi jana…minimum bees gadi dikhega…..

Baccha No. 2: Arre yeh to kuch nahi!!!!!….Mere babuji jidhar kaam karte , voh company itni badi hain ki, uske parking lot mein at any given time challis gadi dikhega….

Baccha No. 3: Kya bore marte tum dono!!!!…..Arre Apun ka Bapu jidhar kaam karta hain , udhar ke parking lot me kabhi bhi gaya na to kam se kam teen so gadi hoga…..

*Baccha No. 1 and Baccha No. 2 have a look of amazement on their faces….they look upto Baccha No. 3 and ask him…….: Arre lekin tera Bapu karta kya hain???????

Baccha No. 3 : Apna babu Car Dealer ke yaha salesman hain!!!!!!!!!!

Before someone takes my betel-nut I am outta here.....but if you think the above was a good effort do let me know....actually let me know either ways......