Life, The Universe and Pune

Friday, October 24, 2003

Here's to the year Ahead..*clink*

There are days at work when I feel there is not enough and I actually find myself asking for more….and then suddenly there is a flood of work and it is good fun especially when things are going your way…but lack of sleep can make it realllllyyy tiring….that’s pretty much what it is like right now…….

As I gear up for the weekend I relish the idea of having a chutti for Diwali…..I know its Saturday alright but all the same its Diwali and I am going to be at home….jhakas…..I had planned on going to my Mama’s place close by for lunch on Sunday….he asked me to come over for a Diwali lunch….and was all set to go when I realized that the Diwali show on Capus which I had imagined all this while to be on Saturday is actually on Sunday……and I cant even miss the Diwali show…..what’s a show without a MC????…and how enjoyable can a skit be without the narrator…….yeah so that’s pretty much what my weekend is going to be like…..Call the folks back home …Speak to some friends and in general think about how Diwali would have been had I been back home with the peeps and sit back and then enjoy what I have here…and if it gets a bit tough…there is always some Miller Genuine Draft to numb those thinking cells……

Happy Diwali to you all….Have an awesome weekend and an even more awesome year ahead……Like someone I know once said.."Hence the f*** forth, we shall rock the f*** on!!!”