Life, The Universe and Pune

Monday, September 29, 2003

Scuderia Ferrai t-shirt: 59 $

Michael Schumacher Cap: 20 $

Ferrari Flag :30 $

Camping in the freezing cold by the speedway......reaching the Speedway in time for the drivers Schumacher get out of his car and 'wink' at the him kick Montoya/Coulthard/Kimi et all ka ass......listenin to the german national anthem and italian national anthem......see the ferrari pit crew rush to the finish line to cheer schumi across....hear schumi thank the tifosi(that would be us ferrari fans) after his a race with so many ups and downs .....listen to that Ferrai engine have friends that made this trip be around with the brother and watch the race with him...and then see his face after the race(he is a Mclaren fan) .......the look on the face (especially)of the zillions of Columbians who were there to cheer Montoya....all in all : Priceless

Will I go again next year....koi shaq?????