Life, The Universe and Pune

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I call my blog ‘Confessions of A Puneri”…and it’s been a while since I posted something about my beloved good old Pune….so here goes

There are so many times that I observe that a whole lotta peeps (especially Puneites) will actually and literally translate a marathi or hindi phrase/sentence/question into English and use it very confidently in day to day lingo….some examples

where where did you go/what what did you eat/who who had come…which in marathi would be kuthe kuthe gela hotas/kay kay khalla/kon kon ala hota…..notice that in marathi the first two words of every phrase are repeated and instead of saying the same in a grammatically correct fashion when speaking in english…people just translate and ‘kuthe kuthe’ becomes ‘where where’ instead of ‘where all’…….

Another classic is “to majhi sahi kadhto”…which means 'he can replicate my signature'…however I have heard someone say……he removes my signature, because ‘kadhto’ in marathi also means 'to remove'…..

‘veg-vegle padartha (pronounced as vauge-vauglay padartha ) when translated into english means ‘a variety of items or simply put ‘different items’…I use different here because ‘veg’ means different……so when translating into English I have come across some say ‘ dif different items’…where the dif different would be the ‘veg vegle’

In recent times ...just for the hck of it...members of our cricket team here in Akron say ‘Shy is coming’ instead of ‘Sharam aa rahi hain’…now that’s funny too……though I have yet to come across someone who actually says that when talking in English

Some other examples not limited to the above-mentioned genre are

F.C. College Road…….where the ‘C’ stands for college…..B.M.C.C. College of Commerce…where the ‘C.C’ is already there to represent ‘college of commerce’………

Any more suggestions from you peeps out there?