Life, The Universe and Pune

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Attended my 3rd Dave Matthews Band concert last night at The Blossom Music far this was the best one....a lot of jamming.....super energy..decent setlist..and an insane encore which comprised of the American baby Intro and Two Step..probably lasted for 20 minutes atleast......Two Step has always been my favorite DMB song and its always awesome live.....the one played yesterday was quite similar to the one from Live at the always....can't wait for the next one....


Pantala Naga Pampa...>*
When The World Ends*
Rhyme & Reason*
Hunger For The Great Light*
Break Free*
Louisiana Bayou*
Smooth Rider*+
Grey Street*
Sleep To Dream Her*
Grace Is Gone
Crash Into Me
Jimi Thing*
Ants Marching*

American Baby Intro...>*
Two Step*

All songs with Butch Taylor
*Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+Warren Haynes