Life, The Universe and Pune

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back after a long absence....was just in one of those phases where I didn't feel like writing at all....and then all free time is taken up by reading about the world cup and following matches.....Italy is in the far so good......FORZAAAA AZZZUUURRIIIII

some random observations.....the most homophobic team has to be USA.....during substitutions or onfield celebrations it was very rare for the players to hug/kiss whatever with the same passion that any other tems display....especially during susbtitutions it was like the two players made it a point only to touch the tips of their fingers.....and then USA did not make it through to the second round...however I think half of America was depressed when Argentina defeated Mexico...*grin*

Saw Superman Returns last night.....super awesome movie...I think along with Batman Begins this is one of the better Comic Book Superhero movie...worthy mention must also be made of the X-Men series......Brian Singer has done and awesome job directing and resurrecting Superman and Brandon Routh is a worth successor to Christopher Reeves... Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor is the sadistic cold villan one loves to see....saw the movie at the midnight screening with the roommate and his fiance and others