Life, The Universe and Pune

Friday, July 02, 2004

The DMB concert was awesome......though they did not play some of the songs I would have loved to hear....for you DMB fans out there...this was the setlist
Grey Street
Rhyme & Reason -->
Sugar Will
One Sweet World
The Space Between
Joy Ride
Dancing Nancies -->
Hello Again
When the World Ends
What Would You Say
The Song That Jane Likes
Crazy Easy
The Stone
Ants Marching
So Much To Say

really liked, the space between us....when the world ends.....what would you say.....crash.....and the ending with ants marching.....the ending was awesome.....another highlight of the show for me was the WOO-ing between dancing nancies and warehouse.....this happens at every concert when they play warehouse.....would have loved to hear two step, satellite (the first DMB song i heard), grace is gone, proudest moneky, bartender and where are you going....but then whoever said that this was my last DMB concert...:)

Off to meet the brother and kiki and shash and tintinz for the weekend (long).....

i think my gaadi is excited too....first long trip for the jetta....but first things first...have to last this afternoon at work....