Life, The Universe and Pune

Monday, June 07, 2004

You've come a long way!!!!

Took this picture a couple of weekends back when I was visiting the dawg in CT.......this was his tassel that he has put up in his gaadi.....both of us are Polymer Engineering graduates from the University of Akron ( and hence both of us have the same tassels with the badge indicating the same year of graduation)......attending grad school at Akron was something I always dreamed an age where I could barely understand how to balance equations and figure the concepts of valency, I however did know that Akron is the place to go and study polymers.....Akron used to be called the Rubber/Tire capital of the did I know this????...thanks to the father who happens to be a rubber/latex technologist attending grad school in Akron was a dream come true.......I always knew I was living my dream.........but the realization that I accomplished my dream.....well that was something that dawned upon me when I held that tassel in my hand and took this picture......that 11 year old kid who cried before every Chemistry exam 'cause the concepts of valency were Gaelic.....well he has come a long way.......

A Dream Come True