Life, The Universe and Pune

Monday, February 16, 2004

Quite a few times during the year mom usually reminds me… “ Today is xyz’s death anniversary. Whenever you get a chance during the day, pray, so that their soul may rest in peace.”

This is something that happens quite often. The death anniversary is something that stands out most vividly and we keep reminding ourselves about it, or if we forget someone will do it for us. On the other hand, do I remember my nani or my dadi or my dada on their birthday, which would be more apt to remember them by, or some other day, which had been truly memorable with them? I know my nani and dadi were both born in Feb, and my dada was born in June, but seriously however much I try and remember I just can’t recall the exact date.

Yeah, I do feel sad that they are not here with me today, but that’s life. Death is a part of the natural course of events in the so-called circle of life. But rather than give importance to the good times you have with people, and think about the awesome ride you had with them, we chose to remember them more openly on the day they ceased to exist. We feel pangs of guilt for having forgotten someone’s death anniversary and mourn about the loss. Would it not be better to remember them among other times on their birthday and celebrating their lives?

The complexities of the human mind and psyche….the less said the better