Life, The Universe and Pune

Monday, February 09, 2004

Need to get this out of my system..hence the ranting away!!!!

Attention is something that everyone likes…at least to a certain extent……it’s a boost to the ego, in some cases a fragile one and in some cases an inflated one….all the same it can be very flattering and it makes you feel like the you are the center of a warm little world where u are royalty…..

Type 1:There are some who get the attention no matter what they do…they sit quiet and they have people come to them enquiring if all is ok…..they talk and everyone listens to them with wonder in their eyes as if they were listening to some great orator….they can just be themselves and still get the attention, which, mind you, they don’t necessarily seek….

Type 2: And then there are the ones….in most cases individuals with ego’s on the fragile side….who need a continuous boost…or then they are driven by jealousy when the encounter the type 1 people I mentioned earlier….often times the question in their mind is akin to the one I heard in a detergent ad… “ Bhala uski Kameez mere Kameez se safed kaisi?”…or then the one from the VIP Frenchie ad…. “What’s he got that I ain’t got?”
And so they go about seeking attention in the weirdest of ways….loud laughter….being over friendly…trying to be extra demanding of your time…high expectations levels…and in some cases they even try and ape the Type 1 people they are jealous of….

So what exactly do I want to convey …I seriously have no clue…but its just that Type 2 people rank high on my list of pet peeves… very irritating thing…I am watching TV very quietly..because that’s how I always watch TV…and they come and sit next to u…and then after a while they cant stand the silence and the fact that you are paying more attention to the TV and not them….they say something like..” Arre Puneri ..itna chup kyon hain”…and I say” Nahi main TV aisa hi chup hoke dekhta hain”….and they go..” Arre!! Nahi nahi!! Zaroor kuch baat hain!!!” and in the process I miss on some joke or important dialog…..Urghhhh!!!!!!!…or then they repeat dialogs……..

Ohh and another thing……I give people my time and attention not because of their popularity index….its because of a very genuine connection at a very personal level… Type 2’s of the world….you are not going to get my attention by any of the above mentioned tactics….

What a useless rant!!!!…but feels much better after getting it out of the system