Life, The Universe and Pune

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

My craziest years were surely the last few years I spent in Loyola High School, Pune. Those years left a lasting impression on me. I have gone through 3 different educational institutions after that but my closest langotiya pals are still the ones from Loyola...all morning I have been thinking about those awesome days and suddenly I remembered our mantra/chant that we would shout at the top of our voices when we went to see interschool games....and I was not surprised by the fact that even after nearly ten years it did not take much brain racking to remember it.....if you read it carefully you will see the actual meaning in it...

Our souls, our souls , Our souls they went to fight
To fight for the count, to fight for the count to fight for the country
With pis, with pis with pistols in their hand
For King, For King, For King and Queen
For coff, for coff, for coffee and tea
For cu, For cu, for curiosity

(repeat all over again)

more about Loyola experiences in the days to come.....