Life, The Universe and Pune

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Reproduced with Vicky's permission....All rights reserved.......and this is surely not for the fainthearted....

The Things That Make You Go OHHH!

Racing at midnight on a wide open highway, even better in between two trucks about a car's length in between them. Yesterday was Haddi's birthday, and we all went out to Thirsty Dog out in Fairlawn to get some grub. After kicking everyone's ass in the trivia game, and consequently getting one of the highest score ever at that location, i proceeded to let the others win and feel good about themselves :)

Anyways, after the dinner, i was merging onto the highway, when this car started tailing me...and i was like F...... A... no one trail's me like that, but when i realized it was HT, ol' buddy, ol' pal....IT WAS ON! I sped and touched about say 90 when he tried to get onto the left lane, i cut him off, he tried the right then, i was on it....then came 'the move' as i was on the left lane and there was this saturn i think in front of him on the right lane, doing about 60, so i made sure he was stuck behind it, i slowed down and was side by side with the saturn with hemya stuck, there was an onramp, which is like a half a lane that starts to help people merge in, the harami, went onto the onramp and overtook the saturn from the right....i was like WHAT!!! IT was really on now....100, 110, my car would'nt go any faster, its an inline four probably 1.8 liters, giving about 140 tops, and i was going against a Vr6, probaby 3.0 liters with 300 horses....but it was on like a mo....fu......

then came the one thing that could help me, traffic, see being from mumbai, you learn to look at traffic like objects on a driving course, the objective being to get atmost an inch from the objects while trying to get the the front of the traffic and onto the open it's time for me to boast a little bit.....i was trailing HT....on the left lane, and we were behind some car, stuck because the right lane was fully clogged, so i tailed his ass, or as some of you F1 fan's know i entered his slipstream, the good thing about slipstreaming the guy in front of you is that, a) he dosen't know when you are going to take a violent turn to over take him, and b) it's his responsibility to make sure he dosen't kill you because by the time he reacts to your turn you are about three fourths of his car length to the see?
so yeah that was my big move, and then he came back with his big engine to overtake me....and finally the trucks appeared from the right onramp, i had decided what i was going to do....i pulled to the left behind HT who was stuck again behind a car, and on the right came the trucks, i took a quick right in between the two trucks went to the rightmost lane and got ahead, and made a mistake, moved to the leftmost lane, i thought HT was still on the left lane, but the harami had followed me and stayed on the rightmost lane, and on a wide open that was the end of that....but hey! we didn't get a ticket...we didn't kill anyone! and we did the one thing that reminds me most of HOME! AND WE ENJOYED THE OFT FORGOTTEN FREEDOM OF FLYING ON THE STREETS!

{My edit}....the Jetta is a VR6 2.8 L with 174 horses @ 5800 rpm..but its the low rpm torque i.e. 181@3200 rpm ,which is the killer...basically offering plenty of power at all engine speeds.....once I reached home I kissed the car on the steering wheel and actually got out and planted a few on the trunk and the engine cover...............muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh