Life, The Universe and Pune

Friday, April 04, 2003


Its raining outside......

I wish I could just take my bike and rush to Sinhagad and have some of those lovely 'kanda bhaji'

or then maybe i am sitting in my room back home in Pune and staring out of the window watching that peepal tree in the rain and mom gets me some awesome chai and kanda/batata pohe.....

or i am at Kamala Nehru Park.....thoroughly drenched and having a cutting chai with a spicy dabeli and a Benson and Hedges Lights

maybe I am on the bridge near the backwaters of Khadakwasla Dam and and am enjoying the spray of the rushing water below and in my hand there's a well done bhutta with a lot of mirchi and limbu........

or then the lights suddenly go out due to the rain and Saul my four year old ( his age then) cousin wakes up ...the darkness and the thunder scares him and i rush to his scare him even more.....and mom is cooking something in the house ( ok i put that in because i wanted food here too)

come to think of it there is food in every one of the memories i have written i live to eat.....or then is food an important part of those memories.........dunno...all i know is i am really hungry now.....should go home....have a good weekend people