Life, The Universe and Pune

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Last night was the first time in three weeks that i had no work to be done....felt sooo awesome.....was working on this paper for a conferrence......and had gone through 5-6 most of it done yesterday and then my advisor decided that the he would make the remaing changes to the paper , that is if i did not mind him making certain changes to the about height of polite 'giri'....lai cute hain apna boss...finally got it done this afternoon and submitted.......have been surfing the net endlessly for the past 2 that work is done.....and the weather outside is so awesome.....forecast for rain this evening...all i wanna do now is go home...make myself a nice cuppa chai and sit on my porch like there is no tomorrow.....ahh but then the mundane things come to light turn to cook tonite....laundary needs to be done....washed clothes need to be folded.....blah blah...blah!!!! and the list spite of that i refuse to be reminded of all the work hat needs to be done....for the moment i am homeward bound as my porch beckons me and i all i can think is a nice cuppa long people......