Life, The Universe and Pune

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

As a kid ......

did you wanna run away from school .....?

were you more interestestd in what the kind of pencils and sharpners and erasers your friends had....always wanting to look at their stuff.....?

did you love the 'khana' your friends got and were more than willing to exchange your 'dabba' for his.......?

have you dictated the terms when playing football or cricket because you just happened to own the football or the cricket ball......?

have you forged your mom/dad's signature on report cards, remarks, teacher's notes etc.....?

if you were a boy you never wanted to get married because girls are so uncool....?

if you were a girl you never wanted to get married so you don have to leave your family ever....?

have you come home late and said to your mom.." cycle ka tire puncture ho gaya....isliye late hua"....?

and the list continues....any additions?