Life, The Universe and Pune

Friday, January 24, 2003

So finally i get this blog runnig with a template i like and then someone says why not get a comments i spend time lookin places where i can get one....finaly after having spent close to two days i think its looking decent...come what else can u expect from a polymer engineer.......ok confession i did take help from someone to get this up and running........guess i can tweak it now and then but basically i think i better get back to what i came here for.....GRADUATE AND GET THAT MS!!!!!!!

Last nite apna dost comes back from has sent some awesome Amba Barfi and Bakar-Wadi from Chitale Bandhu.....every puneri will know what i am talking about.....Well luckily this friend was coming into Akron and he stays close to where i live in Pune......but sometimes i wonder .......the moment parents hear of someone going to America, they have parcels to be sent for their kids.........for all you know this guy is going to Los Angeles and kid lives in Maine.....and believe me its not cheap sending 2-3 kilos by US Post...or then it is sent from Los Angeles to Maine through your uncle's friend's wife's kid who will then pass it onto his friend's sister's boyfriend's dog's original owner who happens to live very close by to the unfortunate deprieved kid......get the point????

Parents ...listen up.......we have made this choice to live here in America away from all those goodies.....send stuff if its feasible for the "courier".....dont make him sweat to send some Anjir Barfi across the continent.....For all you know it might just perish before it reaches Maine!!!!!!