Life, The Universe and Pune

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Before I got to Pune I asked my chacha if here is anything specific he wants for my cousin Saul who is 6 years old......Chacha said that Sahil really loves reading so I should get him some a 6 year old I thought that the best books for him would be some Calvin and Hobbes....So i picked up about 7 books for him

He really likes those and I was hoping that at some level he too becosm this 'Brat' like Calvin ......finally the books had some effect on him and this morning when Chacha was dropping him off to school...Saul said that he does not wanna go to school...on being asked why.....he replied " Its a free country"........that is soo typical of Calvin......

Apna mission slightly successful hora.....*naughty grin*