Life, The Universe and Pune

Friday, February 21, 2003

I read the following on a cricket discussion board.....some pakistani fans apparently need some ...maybe a lot of help with their written english!!!!!!! The comments reproduced below are the same ones( including spellings) as on the discussion board.........
Comment No 1
in my openion that it is good chance for pakistan to out all namibia team under 45 it is a world cub rocard but pakistan boller are fail to get last wicket under 45 .

Comment No 2
batting order is the only problem pakistan to coup with

In reply to this another fan wrote.....
Comment No 3
This is an effort of Indians to defame Pakistan. I think Indians on purpose posting as Pakistanis and making mockery of English language to make an impression that Pakistanis are not literate in English.
Well actually it does not matter how elegant one is in writing English, what matters is who is better in cricket when it come to cricket. Can any of you Indian fans here list the stats of one day matches played between Pakistan and India, and please don’t give me the crap about India winning all WC matches.

Some other who were fed up with these 'eloquent' postings said
Comment No 4
I dont want to sound harsh, but whats with all these 'Pakistanis' who clearly struggle to speak the English language and yet keep posting messages that lack any sense.
The English and grammer there was diabolical.

Comment No 5
I have to agree.Not that I want to put anyone off from posting (I'm sure I won't), but it would help if one or two people could brush up on their grammar

I could not stop laughing for a very long time....thanks to panterr for bringing this all to my notice....